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Please note: We do not manufacture custom stencil designs

Our online store has over 350 unique, decorative stencil designs used in arts and crafts, including border designs, African stencil designs, stencil books, brushes and more. Click on a stencil series below to view our designs.

Decorative Stencil Pricing

100 series - R22.60 - (Stencil size - 100mm x 180mm)

200 series - R27.60 - (Stencil size - 150mm x 180mm)

300 series - R27.60 - (Stencil size - 345mm x 85mm)

400 series - R35.10 - (Stencil size - 354mm x 110mm)

600 series - R 37.60 - (Stencil size - 150mm x 285 mm)

800 series - R 43.90 - (Stencil size - 205mm x 230 mm)

900 series - R 49.90 - (Stencil size - 255mm x 275mm)

Numbers and Alphabets: Standard Number and Alphabet stencil sets in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. We also have 220mm Number sets available.

Postage and packaging
Orders are dispatched on confirmation of payment. A parcel tracking number is sent to you via e-mail. Cost per order - R 75.00 (orders over R500 (excl postage), receive free postage).

904 - Leopard206 - Lavender902 - Big Five204 - Butterfly

New Craft product launch

Safely hammer in various types of nails and pins, perfectly straight, without accidentally striking your fingers or thumb with the hammer. It can be used for a variety of tasks around the home eg. woodwork, hanging pictures frames, hobbies and crafts, kids school projects etc. Once you use it, you will wonder how you ever manager without it.

To find out more about the nail-it tool, visit nail-it.co.za


How to order stencils on our website.
Simply select the stencil series on the left you would like to purchase and you be able to view the stencils in that range. Next to each stencil you will find an "add" button

You can add in the quantity of a specific stencil, and then click on the add button.

When you want to "Check out" simply click on the "VIEW CART" button, and enter your details.

436 - African Pots

403 - Dolphins


How to stencil
Loading the Stencil brush: Dip the brush
into the paint. A common mistake made is to load too much paint on the brush. Dab it on a piece of paper towel to remove excess paint.

The brush should appear to be almost dry. Build up the paint slowly by using a stippling technique (by dabbing the brush up and down). The paint should never be brushed on, as it will collect on the edges of the holes and seep under the stencil, creating a mess.

Practice: Use scrap paper to practice your
stencilling techniques. It is best to test your
work first, before starting on the final surface.

Starting: Use masking tape to secure the
stencil firmly to your surface as you do not
want it to move once you have started painting. Ensure that the tape is not too sticky, as it may damage a painted surface. Start painting with the lighter colours first. Build up the paint from the edges of the stencil holes, inwards.

Finishing: Use an Artist brush to add detail,
depth and dimension to your project (eg. leaf
veins, highlights etc). Ensure that you clean
the brushes and stencils thoroughly after use.


About our stencils
Our stencils are made from a durable, 0.5mm white plastic. They can be used over and over again, are not affected by sunlight. They can be cleaned very easily using water or turpentine. The stencils can be used for home decorating, sandblasting and a wide range of other crafts. We also supply various businesses with marking stencils (numbers, alphabets and corporate signs) that are used to mark products, containers, and more.

We are dedicated to new, original designs that are affordable and available to anyone, anywhere in our beautiful country, South Africa.


Important notice: Artwork, concepts and images on this website are Copyrighted © 1999 - 2018