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Our online store has over 350 unique, decorative stencil designs.

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Decorative Stencils

100 series
200 series
300 series
400 series
600 series
800 series
900 series

Numbers and Alphabets

30mm, 50mm, 75mm
100mm, 150mm, 200mm

Please note:
We do not manufacture
custom made stencils



Safely hammer in various types
of nails and pins, perfectly straight,
without accidentally striking your
fingers or thumb with the hammer.
It can be used for a variety of tasks
around the home eg. woodwork,
hanging pictures frames, hobbies
and crafts, kids school projects etc.
Once you use it, you will wonder how
you ever manager without it.

To order your nail-it tool click here,

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Our puppetry department can assist
companies to design and fabricate
puppets that can be used for
television productions and programs.

We have produced a variety of characters for The Production Works (TPW) -
MNET (Lappies).



Specialising in Character design:










The website is currently
under construction and will be
live at the end of July 2018


About our stencils
Our stencils are made from a
durable, 0.5mm white plastic.
They can be used over and over
again, are not affected by sunlight.
They can be cleaned very easily
using water or mineral turpentine.

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